UK Survey Targets Women’s View of Male Drivers Irritating Habits


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A survey from the UK’s Diamond, an automobile insurer that specializes in coverage for women drivers, reveals some of their male counterparts most irritating driving habits.

While Diamond’s survey, which included both male and female drivers, revealed that half of women drivers believe they don’t have any irritating habits, “90 percent of them don’t share that feeling when it comes to male drivers and their irritating habits.”

Among Diamond’s findings were the following: – 31 percent of women think the most irritating driving habit men have is speeding, – 30 percent of women think the most irritating driving habit men have is losing their temper, but – 29 percent of men think the most irritating driving habit women have is lacking courtesy to other road users.

Diamond’s managing director, Sian Lewis indicated that the survey rebutted the “old stereotype that men are always criticizing women’s driving,” as women are actually the ones who “get the most irritated. However,” she added, “the results do show something that isn’t a surprise, men think they have less irritating driving habits than women.”

When it comes to passengers, male passengers irritate two thirds of women. Of those, 35 percent of women are driven mad by men who criticize their driving and 17 percent can’t stand it when their male passenger tries to give them directions when they already know where they’re going. Less than half of the men questioned found female passengers irritating, but having their driving criticized was also what annoyed them most.

In addition Diamond added that 17 percent of women considered tailgating to be the most irritating male road user habit.

As far as the top irritating male passenger habits were concerned 10 percent of women considered “changing the radio station/music” to be the most irritating.

Diamond was launched in launched in 1997, on the premise that women’s car insurance claims cost less than men’s. It is a subsidiary of the Admiral Group. For more information got to the Company’s web site at: http://www.diamond.co.uk.


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