"We got Apostasy" - Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael


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Egypt has used Eritrea as a key parity to Ethiopia since the 1950s. It encouraged the Eritrean Liberation Movement, the forerunner of the guerrilla bundles which at last removed Ethiopia and developed Eritrea as a free state in 1993. Starting late Ethiopia has reprimanded Eritrea for encouraging radicals enthusiastic about attacking the GERD. In March 2017 Ethiopia said Eritrea was behind a vain undertaking by the Benishangul Gumuz People's Liberation Movement to assault the dam. Eritrea denied the claim. Before long 150 people from a comparative social occasion deserted to Ethiopia and censured the Eritreans for instructing them to disturb the dam.

Upon the landing of the Issayas/El Sisi meeting, the Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV news channel declared that Egypt had 'sent numerous its troops to a UAE base in Eritrea, on the edge with Sudan'. The channel said the association was a response to Turkey broadening its effect in the area by setting up a military establishment at the old-fashioned Sudanese port of Suakin, in spite of the way that the UAE base in Assab is 700 kilometers from Sudan straight from one point to the next, and much further by road.

A star Muslim Brotherhood news source, the London-based Middle East Monitor, went further, charging that Egypt was getting ready Eritreans at its military establishment at Sawa, close to the Sudanese periphery. These reports were removed by the Eritrean Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, who tweeted: 'Al Jazeera News Channel seems to appreciate inducing false and over the best news on Eritrea.' Al Jazeera is compensated for lost time in Doha's greater fight with Saudi Arabia, which included scaling back the TV station among its 13 asks for on Qatar when it moved its discussion with Doha last June.


On the occasion of Fasika, the Ethiopian Easter, religious leaders have charged citizens to remain peaceful and to support government’s reform efforts, state-affiliated FANA Broadcasting Corporate said. FBC cited messages from Abune Mathias, Patriach of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; Berhane Eyesus, a Catholic Cardinal; Pastor Tsadiku Abdo, President of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia and others, all of which touched on peace, fraternity, unity and development. Thousands of Orthodox faithful across the country celebrate Easter today (April 8), their particular celebration comes anywhere from a week to two weeks after that of the western Church even though sometimes, they occur at the same time. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Ethiopia follows the Eastern Orthodox calendar for which reason it has a different dating system and often celebrates Christmas and New Year separately from that of the widely used Gregorian calender. Ethiopia celebrates entry into a New Year, 2010 https://t.co/E2SbSyjj9I— africanews (@africanews) September 11, 2017 Ethiopia, Egypt join global celebration of Coptic Christmas https://t.co/LH1nvVtvEO— africanews (@africanews) January 7, 2018 Fasika (Easter) follows eight weeks of fasting from meat and dairy. On Easter Eve, Ethiopian Christians participate in an hours-long church service that ends around 3 a.m., after which

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