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Ethiopia: Free Discussion/ Journalist Eskinder Nega /seyoum teshome A revised certificate of the contested anti-terrorism law has been tabled for discussions with acknowledged experts this weekintroducing a amount of new accoutrement in a bid to assure the rights of those bedevilled or answerable of agitation and accompanying crimes, The Reporter has learnt. The abstract document, which was presented at the affair captivated on February 28, 2019, came up with a amount of accoutrement said tobe radically differentfrom the ones inthe antecedent agitation proclamation. Diametrically against to the accepted Anti-terrorism Law, the adapted adaptation introduces new online writing which will authority government bodies and the law administration entities complex in preventingacts of agitation accountable. In this regard, the new abstract certificate puts antidotal measures on those complex in the action of investigating agitation cases and those who breach the law in the process. Those in corruption of the law will be accountable in both civilian and bent cases. In addition, the victims will be advantaged to compensationranging from 1,000 to 50,000 birr. “The accepted law has a amount of accomplishing gaps and gives agreement alone for the government,” said AmehaMekonnen, a advocate and a affiliate of the board accustomed to adduce an alteration to the argument of law. According to Ameha, there is no aegis in abode to assure civilians from corruption by law administration or the government in the name of preventing an act of terrorism. He went on to explain that any all-embracing law states that any law should accept two: preventing abomination and attention animal rights of suspects; and this should be the aforementioned with anti-terrorism proclamation. In fact, Ameha aswell addendum that the alteration has congenital accoutrement that would acquiesce the cloister to accede any accusation of animal appropriate corruption by controlling and law administration even in the average of reviewing added cases. Furthermore, the alteration has alien an commodity which gives journalists the appropriate to assure their sources in cases accompanying to agitation as against to the antecedent announcement which compels everybody including journalists to acknowledge any antecedent or advice in affiliation to terrorism.

The leaders of Ethiopia and South Sudan have agreed that the peace process mediated by regional body, Inter Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), offers a viable chance to end conflict in Africa’s youngest nation. During a meeting held in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Abiy Ahmed and president Salva Kiir discussed regional peace and stability. Ethiopia’s prime minister is the chair of the regional body which is pursuing an agreemnt between South Sudan’s government and rebel groups. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Last week, the second phase of the High Level Revitalisation Forum, a stage of the peace process, ended without an agreement in Addis Ababa. In a statement IGAD said the talks ended after “several attempts to narrow the gaps between the positions of the parties” proved fruitless. ‘Punish saboteurs of peace’ Calls for IGAD to hold saboteurs of the peace process accountable have intensified, following repeated failure to agree during peacetalks in addition to violations of ceasefires by both sides of the conflict. S. Sudan conflict mediator asks IGAD to take action against saboteurs of peace The United States this week proposed that the United Nations Security Council impose sanctions against several South Sudanese ministers and officials, accusing


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