Qin Leboch With Mekonent


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Come, see the corner of the bottomless pit. That's what happened. True Heart Program actors argue against four kilojoules as host and host. I will not pay it back to you, but instead I will not give it to you. When most of the youngsters commented on the thief, the legitimate but kindhearted princess, the princesses, paid for her bribes of 70 birr to the hostess, but he disappeared from the area. But in many respects, he has been touched by many. Only 72 birr in the pocket. He gave the money to the host and said he had just taken two bundles and escorted the bus. He said that the nobles had paid him money to pay for it and could not have it in his pocket. At the time, watch out for awards to get more prizes, but if you want to receive more prizes, please let me know if you want to receive more prizes. Do not know what you do and do not know how many of us are honest?

Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has showed off gifts that were given to him by the Ethiopian prime minister during the latter’s recent state visit. Abiy Ahmed was the guest of honour at Uganda’s National Heroes Day and was awarded the highest national accolade for his contribution to Africa’s liberation struggle. Abiy gave Museveni a colourful Ethiopian made jacket while the Ugandan president gave his counterpart an art piece depicting Uganda’s natural beauty. displayAdvert("mpu_3") The president who posted the pictures on his official Facebook account received rave reviews from his followers who pointed that he was looking elegant in the Oromo cultural jacket. The jacket Abiy presented to Museveni was white with black and red stripes, which are the traditional colours of the Oromo people in Ethiopia. Abiy comes from the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia. The Oromos called the system that governed social, political and legal affairs the Gadaa system. In the Gadaa system, the three colours of black, red and white represent the stages of life: those yet to enter active life, those in active life and those who had passed through active life respectively.

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