Tamagn Beyene about Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund, Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed


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Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed After just 100 days in office, Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has taken radical steps to dismantle the country’s troubled past and pave the way for a new future. After years of protests, state killings, ethnic violence, internet shutdowns, and emergency rules, Ethiopia has made an astonishing and promising turnaround for the better. Ethiopia's government and people are ready to make lasting change that will enable generations to come in so many ways, and the time is now for people around the world to support them.

Clashes between different ethnic groups in west Ethiopia have left 14 dead, while United Nation’s offices were targeted by angry protesters. AFP reported that the violence was sparked after an NGO car with an Ethiopian driver ran over and killed two children from the Nuer ethnic group in a camp for South Sudanese refugees. There have been continued clashes between the Anuak and Nuer ethnic group for many years that culminated to the recent witnessed clashes. displayAdvert("mpu_3") 14 killed during ethnic clashes in Gambela, Ethiopia https://t.co/uA0IvJ4sVa pic.twitter.com/m7mrcwaaiK— TRT World (@trtworld) April 25, 2016 Protesters also attacked buildings and vehicles belonging to the United Nations, which they accuse of helping Nuer refugees. Gambela has a population of 300,000 but has taken in 270,000 mainly Nuer refugees fleeing the conflict in neighbouring South Sudan. Several different ethnic groups live in the town and violence between them is frequent. AFP

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