Sheik Mohammed al-Amoudi wealth decline


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In what is going to be the third Cabinet in a single election term, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has announced his new government on Thursday, while unusually Members of Parliament (MPs) were seen to be tougher on the new PM and with regards to his government restructuring and ministerial appointments. Before endorsing both the restructuring and ministerial appointments, the House held a debate on the need to reduce the total number of cabinet members from 30 to 29, by amending proclamation number 1084/ 2018 which formed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources. Abiy who made pledges to install new Cabinet members recruited based on their educational competency and merit has finally picked six new ministers and reshuffled 10 existing ones. The other 13 ministers have retained their position given to them during Hailemariam’s administration. Furthermore, he has also picked four new female appointees raising the number of women in the Council of Ministers to six. The latest Cabinet will remain in position for at least two years until the 2020’s general election. Speaking before his Cabinet’s swearingin, the Premier urged the new appointees to refrain from crossing the “red-line” and told them that they will be held accountable for failures to provide efficient services and corruption practices. Among the appointments, the PM introduced his 10 new-comers: Shiferaw Shigute –as Minister of Agriculture & Livestock Resources, Teshome Toga (Amb.) – as Minister of State Enterprises, Ubah Mohammed – as Minister of Communications & Technology, Amir Aman (MD) – as Minister of Health, Fozia Amin – as Minister of Culture & Tourism, Umar Hussien – as Director of Revenues & Customs Authority, Meles Alemu – as Minister of Mines & Energy, Yealem Tsegaye – as Minister of Women and Children Affairs, Berhanu Tsegaye – as Attorney General, Melaku Alebel – as Minister of Trade and Janterar Abay – as Minister of Urban Development & Construction. Six reshuffled ministers include: Hirut Woldemariam (PhD) – as Minister of Works & Social Affairs, Siraj Fegessa – as Minister of Transport, Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD) – as Minister of Industry, Ahmed Shidie – as Head of Government Communications Affairs Office (with ministerial portfolio) and Motuma Mekassa –as Minister of Defense. Abiy also has urged the HPR to give due attention to supervision of ministries to help prevent wastage of limited resources. He further promised to help improve the capacity limitation of his Cabinet

An Ethiopian supermarket reputed for serving expatriate and diplomatic community in the capital Addis Ababa is closing down its operations after close to seven decades. Ethiopia’s The Reporter newspaper quotes owner of Bambi’s supermarket as saying foreign exchange squeeze coupled with administrative bottlenecks were to blame for his decision. According to Charalambos Tsimas, a Greek national who owns the supermarket, he has been waiting since March last year to get access to foreign currency for the importation of food stuffs which he provides mostly to his customers. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Ethiopia was not like this before. Ethiopia has been a queen of Africa but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. “We serve diplomatic communities and I can’t say I don’t have rice or table salt. It’s humiliating,” he is quoted to have said. He further bemoaned what he said was unnecessarily high testing fees for some of his imports. “Ethiopia was not like this before. Ethiopia has been a queen of Africa but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore,” he stressed. The newspaper, however, notes that the business is not a stranger to controversy. It has in the past been

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