Prophet Yonatan Aklilu

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አገልጋይ ዮናታን አክሊሉ ...ሰባት አመት የምታረገው ሱሪ የተመታ ይሁን.... የጠላችሁትን ነገር በፍጹም አትኑሩ... ስኬት አንተ ጋር ሚመጣው ስትወደው ነው ስንፍናን ከመሀልህ አስወግድ... ማጣት፤እጥረት፤ውጥረት፤ጭንቀት ዛሬ በኢየሱስ ስም ከሕይወታችሁ፤ከኑሮአችሁ ላይ ይነሳ! ..... በሀሳብና በስኬት ብዙ ጥንድ ጫማዋች ያልቃሉ ይላሉ ጣልያኖች... ያሰብከው ነገር አካል የሚለብሰው ቁጭ ብለህ ስላሰብከው አይደለም ስትንቀሳቀስ ነው... ሙሉ videowen እዩት

Ethiopia’s Tedros Adhanom, is aiming to lead the United Nations (UN) global health outfit, the World Health Organization (WHO). He will be the first African to hold the post. As election date (May 22) draws closer, support for the former Foreign Affairs and Health Minister keeps pouring in but there is a tinge of controversy also. The latest support for his candidature is the Slovak government according to the state-affiliated FANA Broadcasting corporate. He is also said to have gained the support of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States. displayAdvert("mpu_3") WHO is at a crossroads and requires a determined reformer. We are calling on all WHO Member States and regional country groups to support and vote for Dr Tedros. The African Union has expressly endorsed him as the continent’s choice with the most recent show of support coming from African ambassadors to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, where the vote will be held. “Dr Tedros is the best candidate for the next WHO Director-General because he is the only one who has designed, implemented and led the reform of an entire health system and in addition to his transformative leadership, he is a man of

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