Habesha365 ESAT : Tikuret Artist Tamagn Beyene on Akeldama "Documentary" (Ethiopia)


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A conflict in Moyale town along the fringes of Somali and Oromia local states has killed 34 and has left 161 individuals fundamentally harmed, The Reporter has learnt. The fatal conflict, which emitted among Somalis and Oromos a week ago, has proceeded for three sequential days. For half a month, the town was pretty much steady, a provincial authority whose name has been retained upon demand revealed to The Reporter. It was for the current week that the conflict heightened, he said. As per the announcement issued by the Oromia Communication Bureau, 13 individuals in favor of Oromia were executed in Borena, Moyale. Furthermore, in excess of 100 regular people were said to be harmed following the occurrence and were taken to doctor's facility. Then again, 21 Somalis were slaughtered and 61 more were likewise harmed, as per the data The Reporter acquired from the Somali Regional State.


An abattoir located among herding communities in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region, known more for droughts and famine than business opportunities, is an unusual stop for a U.S. aid administrator. But USAID chief Mark Green stopped at the Jijiga Export Slaughter House (JESH) during a visit to Jijiga on Wednesday to see the effects of a crippling drought that has pushed some areas to the south to the brink of famine. The abattoir buys goats, sheep, cows and camels for slaughter from herders to export to the Middle East, giving families cash to buy food during the drought. displayAdvert("mpu_3") A $1.5 million loan from Feed the Future helped purchase refrigerators and trucks for the facility, which employs 100 people from local villages. Feed the Future is a $1 billion-a-year agricultural program launched during U.S. President Barack Obama’s presidency in 2010. To Green, the slaughterhouse represents what USAID can do to mobilize private-sector money for investments that increase farming productivity in developing countries. Climate changes are threatening the way of life of Nomadic herders, forcing them to move away from traditional grazing grounds and find alternative livelihoods. While at the abattoir, Green announced 12 countries that would benefit from Feed The Future

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