Foreign currency shortages really affecting East Africa economic giant Ethiopia


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ማንኛውም የመንግስት ባለሰልጣን ወደ ውጪ እንዳይወጣ እገዳ ተጣለ ምክኒያቱ የውጭ ምንዛሬ ነው ተባለ!

Two top lawyers in Kenya have slammed the Ethiopian government for presiding over a chaotic governance structure that is sure to implode before long. Donald Kipkorir of KTK Advocates in a tweet on Monday described the Ethiopian regime as the continent’s “successful benevolent dictatorship” which in his view was imploding. He criticized how a minority ethnic group had locked out the majority with a tight grip on power. “Ethiopia on its way to be Africa’s most successful benevolent dictatorship is imploding … Its govt concentrated power on Tigray people that form only 6% of the population & locked out Oromo & Amhara that is 62%. Benevolent dictatorship wholly abjures tribalism, nepotism & corruption,” his tweet read. For his part, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, a lawyer who represented President Kenyatta in the 2017 election petition averred that Ethiopia’s survival was in question adding, “democratisation / openness is the only way out.” Ethiopia's implosion shows the fragility of the state in Africa. Hailed few yrs ago as new hope for Africa, crowned as a trustee for Somalia, allowed to topple Eriteria…even though it failed…Ethiopia's survival is in question…democratisation/openness is the only way out— Ahmednasir Abdullahi (@ahmednasirlaw) February 17, 2018 Ethiopia’s government announced political reforms

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