Ethiopians in USA infronr of city hall minsota


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Ethiopians in USA infronr of city hall minsota The Court of The Hague has ruled against the claim to processing teff by the Dutch teff patent holder “Ancient Grain” as null and void in the Netherlands. According to the Federal Attorney General, the decision is critical to support Ethiopia’s effort in preparing a proper legal claim on the Dutch company under The Hague. The company had dispute with another company which is now rejected. Teff, which is widely known as part of Ethiopia’s cultural heritage belongs to Ethiopia and the patenting of the production of the flour is seen as controversial. In recent years, Ethiopia has complained that this is totally inaccurate – as they have been using teff for centuries. The patent right will enable Ethiopia to supply the product legally to the European market, an opportunity that’ll motivate farmers to produce more and thereby help the country earn due recognition. Accordingly, the statement sent by the Attorney General stated that Ethiopia will sue the company to ensure its full ownership of Teff. Foreign currencies and 7 kilograms of gold estimated about 60 million birr have been seized at Togo Chale, Somali Regional State, check point. Customs Commissioner Debele Kabeta told journalists that the contraband was intercepted yesterday at around 5 a.m. The foreign currencies in USD, Euro, Pound, and other Middle Eastern countries were seized in the anti-contraband campaign launched by the Customs Commission. Four have been apprehended for allegedly smuggling the currencies and gold.

Ethiopia’s government has explained that privatisation of the national airline and state telecommunications company is being done to ease the shortage of foreign currency. Ethiopia announced last week plans to open its state-run telecoms monopoly and state-owned Ethiopian Airlines to private domestic and foreign investment. In an exclusive interview with state broadcaster, Fana BC, Dr. Yinager Desie, Commissioner of the Ethiopian National Planning Commission said lower export performance, failure of mega projects to commence production, high demand for imported goods and growing external debt burden have worsened the shortage of foreign currency. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Ethiopia requires more than $13 billion over the coming two years for oil importation, private investment, upgrading of existing projects and for repayment of external debt. South African telecommunications firms MTN Group and Vodacom Group have already expressed interest in taking up investment options in Ethiopia’s telecom sector as soon as it opens up. Desie says the privatised enterprises would generate large amount of foreign currencies to tackle shortage. The commission will therefore give priority to foreign companies in privatising the enterprises as government’s decision is targeted obtaining foreign currency.

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