Ethiopian southern welo unexpected situation today


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Ethiopian southern welo unexpected situation today The last widespread financial crisis was a decade ago. To be sure, such cyclical crises are the built-in features of the prevailing world system. Be that as it may, the global status quo never really cared about devising a relatively more stable monetary order to help alleviate such recurrent crisis. Instead, every time there is a crisis, entrenched interests, with the help of their paid politicos, pumped money, (phony money that is) into the system as if there is no tomorrow. But tomorrow has now arrived! The excess liquidity pumped into the system (after the 2008 crisis) is going to bring havoc, perhaps with vengeance! In this regard, the newcomer to the system, China, went overboard in its enthusiasm and allowed the massive creation of credit, with a view to bring about stability and continuous growth to the global system! The humongous credit China crafted to thwart off full-blown global depression is truly without precedence. The trillions that were thus created by the Chinese state, predictably, resulted in massive mal-investment, both locally and abroad. Domestically, the excess credit manifested itself as unnecessary infrastructure, including ghost cities, brand new idle factories, etc., etc. Internationally, it created plenty of cheap consumables and asset bubbles, real estate, etc. As a result, the world is much more in debt today at @ $250 trillion than in 2008 (@ $170 trillion). In 2018, the world is facing similar predicament, but in a highly viral form! Amongst the consequences of easy or unearned money, one can mention wasteful activities/enterprises that continue to abuse non-renewable natural resources. Socially, easy money promotes visible decadence. See Smith’s article next column and others on page 45. The banking system creates phony money and unfairly rewards those in close proximity to the money spigot, while the working stiff is left with only crumbs, dispensed by the moneyed as compensation to exerted labor power! By and large, it is not those who actually work, create, etc., that are rewarded by the current system, but rather, it is those who manipulate the system mostly via finance. In late modernity or crony capitalism, it is ‘financialization’ that runs the world!

The United States of America has expressed support for the deployment of an African Union force to Burundi. Speaking at a joint consultative meeting between the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) on Saturday, January 23 in Addis Ababa, the US permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power said her country fully supports the deployment of the African Prevention and Protection Mission in Burundi (MAPROBU). She said the deployment of the Force “is in the interest of Burundi.” displayAdvert("mpu_3") The #USA strongly supports the deployment of #AU force #MAPROBU in #Burundi; deploy't is in the interest of Burundi: AmbassadorPower— African Union Peace (AU_PSD) January 23, 2016 The US support follows President Pierre Nkurunziza’s outright rejection of the deployment of an AU force to Burundi, which he considers as a “plot by critics of his government”. After a two-day visit of the UNSC to Bujumbura to review the security situation on the ground, the UN delegation at the meeting with the AUPSC expressed their full support for an African-led facilitation of dialogue in Burundi. #UN fully supports African-led facilitation of #Burundi dialogue: UNOAU_ SRSG Haile Menkerios

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