Ethiopia commissioner Abere Adam About KImant and Amara people


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Ethiopia commissioner Abere Adamu About KImant and Amara people The bilateral activities of Ethiopia and Sudan in border areas have brought about successful outcomes in reducing contraband, arms smuggling, and human trafficking. Benishangul-Gumuz State President Ashadli Hassen told The Ethiopian Herald that in addition to the activities at the national level, the State has been closely working Blue Nile (state) of the Republic of Sudan by setting common agenda. “The strong bilateral relation of the two countries is bearing fruit in terms of preventing contraband, arms smuggling, and human trafficking,” he said. “This doesn’t mean that there is no problem in border areas. But the strong bilateral tie has helped to work jointly and come up with solutions for the problems,” he added. Sometimes troubles occur due to grazing land and cattle damaging the fields of investors, Ashadli said. The two sides evaluate the situation every six months in the respective state capitals. Over the last twenty years, the Ethiopian government has limited the amount of money to be possessed by individuals who engage in border trades to 2000 Birr. This has significantly affected the communities’ business activities. “In this regard, we have raised our concerns to the federal government, the Ethiopian Ambassador in Sudan and concerned ministries and they have agreed to improve the situation.” According to Ashadli, there is an asphalt road extending as far as Kurmuk, a city in the border area. But there are no such roads on the side of Sudan’s Blue Nile State. The financial limit and the poor infrastructure in the border areas have severely affected the import-export trade between the two states in the border areas of the two countries. On the other hand, the President said as the National Bank offers a lower price for gold, the abundant gold that is produced in the state has been illegally smuggled out of the country in search of a better price. As to him, there is at minimum a 300 Birr difference between what the Bank offers for a gram of gold and the price in the black market. To correct the situation, recently, Ministry of Mine, Petroleum and Natural Gas has held discussions with stakeholders in Asosa.

The United Arab Emirates pledged a total of $3 billion in aid and investments to Ethiopia on Friday, an Ethiopian official said, a major show of support for the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed. The UAE will deposit $1 billion in Ethiopia’s central bank to ease a severe foreign currency shortage, government spokesman Ahmed Shide told Reuters at a palace in Addis Ababa after Abiy met with Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed. No officials from the oil-rich Gulf state briefed journalists, but the UAE and its Gulf allies, in particular Saudi Arabia, regularly give large sums to cooperative governments in the broader region. displayAdvert("mpu_3") In 2013, the UAE was one of three Gulf monarchies that pledged a total $12 billion to the new government after the military ousted a president from the Muslim Brotherhood. Ethiopia’s Abiy gamble Abiy, a 41-year-old former intelligence officer, took up his position office in April after three years of unrest that had threatened the EPRDF coalition’s hold on power. The coalition’s choice of Abiy, from an ethnic group that has long been marginalised, signalled its willingness to allow some political reforms, but he has already gone farther and faster than

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