Dr Abiy and Gedu Andargachew Controversy


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California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer The harsh reality is that California motorcycle accidents are a part of everyday life for those who live and ride in our scenic state. Unfortunately, the costs associated with these accidents are often significant for those involved because motorcycle riders are without the protective material and equipment—such as airbags—that keep safe those in larger, heavier vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and trucks. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed in a California motorcycle wreck, do not delay in following up on the possibility of a legal claim against those responsible. California Motorcycle Crash Statistics According to the LA Times, motorcycle accident fatalities have dropped significantly in the past few years. Looking at data from 2013, the number of fatalities dropped 7% nationwide and 13% in California from the year before. Experts have pointed to helmet laws, information about the dangers of riding while intoxicated, and available safety courses as possible causes for the drops. The weather and economy are other possible explanations. However, California motorcycle accident statistics can be somewhat deceiving because many people in our local communities have had their lives turned upside down by serious crashes which left them dealing with catastrophic injuries and the loss of loved ones. For those who have been involved in a California motorcycle crash, the associated costs are very real: medical bills, lost wages from missed time at work, ongoing care, disability, and very real instances of physical pain and emotional suffering. California Motorcycle Safety Tips There are real precautions you can take to operate your motorcycle in a safe manner, all while not minimizing your enjoyment of the activity. Some of the safety tips recommended by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) include: Always wear a helmet and protective gear Never ride while intoxicated Ride at a reasonable speed Assume other drivers do not see you Avoid blind spots behind trucks and other large vehicles Ride defensively However, some accidents just cannot be avoided despite your best and safest efforts. This is especially the case where a negligent driver—who may have been intoxicated or simply not paying attention—causes a wreck without any warning to those around them.

The government of Ethiopia says it is in the process of making arrangements to repatriate its citizens in Libya, the state-owned ENA portal has reported. Meles Alem, spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry says through the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo, Egypt; the authorities have located nationals stranded in the north African country. Repatriation of black Africans from the country has been on the international news agenda after an investigative piece by United States-based channel CNN showed a slavery market where migrants were being sold for $400. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Ethiopia despite its economic successes has been identified as a key source of migrant population trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean. Along with neighbours Eritrea and Somalia, they continue to dominate figures released by UN bodies and other aid agencies. AU, EU, UN chiefs meet in Abidjan, agree on Libya migration task force https://t.co/dUOAqtUmwI— africanews (@africanews) November 30, 2017 The news received global condemnation with the Libyan government tasked to bring perpetrators to book. In the wake of the news, several African countries have located and flown their citizens back home. Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and others have all taken such steps. The African Union has so far stated that it will

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