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There is a wide accord that gathering legislative issues in Ethiopia, which dates near 50 years, has all around been the counter theory of majority rules system. From left-inclining parties in charge of Red Terror, one of the darkest sections in current Ethiopian history, to the gatherings existing today most by far are strange to the crucial standards of vote based system. Gatherings that satisfy their name are wellsprings of approach options; they are organizations articulating the perspectives and interests of people in general and the origination of future pioneers; they empower people and gatherings to seek after various political objectives in a sorted out way; they fill in as stages for the free articulation of assorted thoughts; they are discussions guided by a specific way of thinking and game-plan which addition acknowledgment after basic talk; and they encapsulate straightforwardness and responsibility. Are available day gatherings arranged to exemplify these traits? Do they have the limit shun the legislative issues of untruths and convey great administration. These and comparable different inquiries request an answer.

In spite of the fact that it's obvious that ideological groups assume a fundamental job during the time spent democratization, the way that more than 100 enrolled gatherings are working in Ethiopia has started a serious discussion. The merger of similar gatherings as of late has offered ascend to trust that such union will inevitably result in the survival of a couple of solid gatherings and looks good for the nation and its kin. This said ideological groups of all stripes should as a matter of first importance practice majority rules system inside. Lecturing about majority rules system without living it initially is the stature of false reverence. It's an open mystery that for all intents and purposes all gatherings are the individual properties of their authors or pioneers. Such a situation should be on a very basic level changed in the event that they are to wind up vote based themselves and receive a down to business program intelligent of the truth on the ground. The adventure to majority rules system can't prevail with the typical legislative issues of untruths.


Ethiopian forces are to be deployed to help retake a town in Somalia after insurgent group Al-Shabaab captured it on Friday. A Voice of America journalist who covers the Horn of Africa region, Harun Maruf, said the Ethiopian contingent that arrived in the city of Baidoa are to be tasked with retaking the town of Leego. Leego, a strategic town linking the Somali capital, Mogadishu and the town of Baidoa was captured by Al-Shabaab after the African Union and Somali forces left. It is unclear why they left the town. Retaking the town is important in order to reopen the road to the capital. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Military sources say newly arrived Ethiopian troops will be dispatched to Leego to retake from Al-Shabab and open the road to Mogadishu.— Harun Maruf (@HarunMaruf) August 5, 2017 Ethiopia, seen as a key security player in the Horn of Africa region has troops fighting the insurgents in next door Somalia. Kenya also has troops in Somalia, they have, however, suffered the brunt of the insurgents who continue to carry out attacks on Kenyan soil. Reports also indicated that the 40 Ethiopian troops had a hard time making it to Baidoa as a result of Al-Shabab ambushes along

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