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 The Council of Ministers discussed and decided on various agendas of the regular meeting held today.The House of Representatives has approved a bill drafting a bill drafting a bill on the establishment of the Government of the Ethiopian Government. It approved the adoption of the Ethiopian Space Policy and sent to the House of People's Representatives for approval of the three draft laws. The agenda of the council was in the Ethiopian Space Policy, and the Ministry of Innovators and Technologies set up a Space Policy and presented it to the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers also discussed in detail and implemented revisions. The second draft of the Ethiopian News Service is drafted According to the news, the council has submitted a resolution to provide information as a national news service, competitiveness and institutional autonomy, and the Council has decided to send it to the House of Peoples' Representatives by adding some amendments. The third agenda is to establish a Legislative and Proclamation Center for the establishment of the doctrine of the Constitution of Federalism and Fellowship, which is intended to enhance the awareness of citizens on constitutional and federalism and their role in developing national values ​​to promote tolerance. The draft law was prepared by the House of the Council and presented to the House of Peoples' Representatives by adding the amendments.

It is a draft bill with the civil society organizations that the council finally discussed. In order to ensure that civil society organizations have the right to organize citizens for the purpose of organizing citizens for the purpose of legitimizing the legitimacy of the legal process and building their role in the development and development of the country, they are expected to ensure the accountability of civil society organizations and the benefits of the community. According to information obtained from the Prime Minister, the drafting of the draft prosecutor's bill is being presented to the Council of Ministers, and the House has decided to transpose it to the House of People's Representatives.


The Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) leader, Abiy Ahmed will be named the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia, according to a former United States ambassador. Herman Cohen, a former Assistant Secretary of State in a tweet with barely 24-hours to a parliamentary ratification of a recently imposed state of emergency (SoE) also warned that the measure needed to be repealed. Cohen, who is big on political events in Addis Ababa said it was important for the government to withdraw the SoE before naming Abiy as PM ‘thereby avoiding tense vote in parliament and setting (the) stage for political reforms.’ displayAdvert("mpu_3") OPDO, a quarter faction of the ruling Ethiopia Peoples Revolutionary Defense Front (EPRDF) only recently promoted Abiy to the post of OPDO Chairman. His immediate predecessor, Lemme Megerssa was named deputy but maintained his post as president of the Oromia Regional State. The need to occupy the PM seat was occasioned by the resignation of Hailemariam Desalegn in February. Desalegn said he had opted to leave the post to allow political reforms to be pursued. He remains in charge till the EPRDF vote for a new leader of the coalition. #Ethiopia regime should withdraw SOE declaration prior to naming

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