Amhara Democartic Party Amhara National Movement Joined


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Amhara Democartic Party Amhara National Movement Joined It is now the t ‘important commercial crop in Yemen, Ethiopia’s second most valuable export commodity, and the most valuable commodity traded through the entry port of Djibouti’. In Ethiopia, although Teff is the staple food and coffee the number one cash-crop, farmers are increasingly shifting to the production of Khat instead as it is harvestable throughout the year, can grow in low quality soil and yields higher income. Internationally, Khat presents a case where a non-western commodity has appeared in the global market, sustaining the economies of several countries and most importantly, controlled dominantly by groups from the producing regions, i.e.Ethiopians, Somalis, Yemenis and Kenyans, with only a very small number of ‘’. It is also impressive in its role to have spread a culture alien to the West, in several western countries. In Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abeba, (and a rapidly growing number of youth are involved in chewing Khat. Its consumption is primarily time-consuming – appealing to unemployed youth. It also doubles as a hunger suppressant for many poor urban dwellers who can’t afford a meal a day. Yet, despite the grim view correlating hopelessness, many who chew the leaf in large group settings say that the activity itself provides people with opportunities to discuss, criticize and contemplate socio-economic and political conditions that surround them. As such, Khat consumption creates a venue for sharing ideas, distressing and/or bonding. Furthermore, in areas such as the , where Khat has been in use for over 500 years, Muslim Imams attach historical and religious significance with it. This use of Khat in Islam has become a source of religious pride as some religious leaders chew Khat so-as-to stay up long hours to read Holy Scriptures. Undoubtedly, because more Christians and non-Muslims in Ethiopia are consuming Khat, the drug fosters a sense of community that eludes religious differences and blurs such distinctions. (This, of course, does not disregard the significant number of Muslims in Ethiopia that do not condone or support the use of Khat).

The Ethiopian government needs to hold negotiations with the country’s most-popular opposition parties or risk the return of destabilising protests, a leading opposition figure Merera Gudina said in an interview, days after leaving prison. A key rallying point for anti-government activists during his over one-year behind bars, Merera is the only prominent opposition politician to be freed since Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced earlier this month that his administration would release an unspecified number of the many dissidents jailed in the country. The announcement came amid continuing anti-government unrest in Ethiopia despite authorities ending a 10-month state of emergency in August 2017 and ongoing dialogue between the government and some opposition groups. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Millions of youth are outside of our control. If we don’t present something real to them, again they can go out of control. In an interview with AFP on Tuesday, Merera said the dialogue holds little promise because the opposition parties involved are unpopular, while the prime minister’s goal for the prisoner amnesty to “improve the national consensus and widen the democratic platform” will not be met if more prisoners are not released. “I think [for] the ruling party, it is time to rethink

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