Ethiopian Entertainment Funny Famous Ethiopians From Politicians to Pastor's


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ማን የበለጠ ያስቃችዋል? 1. PM Meles 2. PM ABIY 3. PASTOR DAWIT 4.MEGABI ESHETU ኮሜዲያን ቢሆኑ የሚያዋጣቸው 4ቱ ሰዎቻችን ! #ETHIOPIA #funnyabiyahmed #funnymeleszenawi #funnypastordawit #funnymegabieshetu

Ethiopia held an event in the capital, Addis Ababa, to commemorate the death of former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The event which involved the firing of a 21-gun salute was held over the weekend at the Ethiopia-Cuba Friendship Park. Present at the event were government representatives, Ethiopians who were educated in the South American country, diplomats and members of the public, the state affiliated FANA broadcasting corporate said. Ethiopia and South Africa and other African countries that benefitted from Fidel’s intervention on the continent opened a book of condolence open to members of the public. South Africa’s Zuma also attended the funeral ceremony held in Havana. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Ethiopia will never forget Castro as he was with us at a difficult time. An Ethiopian official, Ambassador Taye, described relations between Ethiopia and Cuba as blood tied and eternal. ‘‘Ethiopia will never forget Castro as he was with us at a difficult time,’‘ he said. SUGGESTED READING The 1977 Ogaden war: Why Somalis fume at Castro but Ethiopians celebrate him In apparent reference to Castro’s intervention in the Ogaden war of 1977, when Cuban troops were deployed to held Ethiopia win the Ogaden plateau at a time that the Somalian

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