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Ethiopia-Eritrea troops dismantle borders ahead of New Year

Ethiopia-Eritrea troops dismantle borders ahead of New Year

Troops on either side of the Ethiopia – Eritrea borders are said to be dismantling borders in a part of the country to allow for movement of persons.

The development was reported by a Norwegian professor, Kjetil Tronvoll, who added that the dismantling of the defense lines was in preparation fro the opening of the border tomorrow.

Tuesday September 11, 2018 marks the first day of the 2011 Ethiopian New Year. He shared a photo that showed commanders on both sides reportedly conferring on how to coordinate the clearing of the roads to facilitate movement.

The border in question is the Senafe – Zalanbeesa frontline. Zalambessa is a town located on the Ethiopian border. Zalambessa is part of the Misraqawi Zone of the Tigray region. It is about 42 kilometers north of Adigrat.

Adigrat is the last important Ethiopian city south of the border with Eritrea, and is considered to be a strategically important gateway to Eritrea and the Red Sea.

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